Earnings-related and Kela's pension expenditure by region, mill. euros
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Finnish Centre for Pensions, Statistics service, tilastot(at)etk.fi
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A description of the statistics, the concepts, the definitions and the quality descriptions are available on the Etk.fi website. Go to Total Expenditure on Pensions.
Earnings-related pension expenditure does not contain local government and Church pensions paid according to old pension regulations.
Part-time pensions and special farmers' pensions and are only paid in the earnings-related pension scheme.
Earnings-related pension expenditure / All pension benefits and Kela's pension expenditure / All pension benefits contains national pensions paid 2002-2007 which were formed from residential and care support, increases for a child and front veteran's support. From 2008 onwards, All pension benefits contains all front-veteran's support and increases for a child, and from 2011 onwards all guarantee pensions.
Symbols used in the table:
- = Magnitude nil or category not applicable
.. = Data not available or not published due to small number of cases