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Pension expenditure

Total expenditure on pensions, mill. euros

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A description of the statistics, the concepts, the definitions and the quality descriptions are available on the website. Go to Total Expenditure on Pensions. Earnings-related pension expenditure contains local government and Church pensions according to old pension regulations from 2008 onwards.
Kela's pension expenditure contains guarantee pension expenditure from 2011 onwards.
Special pension provision expenditure: pension expenditure of Workers' Compensation Act, Motor Liability Insurance Act, Military Injuries Act, Act on Compensation for Military Accidents and Service-related Illnesses and Act on Compensation for Accidents and Service-related Illnesses in Crisis Management Duties. The statistical procedure for pensions paid based on the Motor Insurance Act changed in 2016.
Pension expenditure of voluntary pensions contains unregistered supplementary pensions paid by industry-wide and company-wide pension funds. Pensions paid by life insurance companies are included from 2010 onwards.
The statistics for Total expenditure on pensions and Special pension provision expenditure for year 2020 have been updated on 13 October 2021. Symbols used in the table:
- = Magnitude nil or category not applicable
.. = Data not available or not published due to small number of cases