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Statistical database

  1. Earnings-related pension recipients living abroad by country of residence

    Modified: 3/27/2024

    1. Year: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, ..., 2023 (22)
    2. Country of residence: All foreign countries, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Albania, ..., Country unknown (148)
    3. Pension benefits: Earnings-related pensioners, total earnings-related pension, Pensioners in their own right (excl. part-time and partial old-age pension), earnings-related pension, Old-age pensioners (excl. partial old-age pension), earnings-related pension, Partial old-age pensioners, earnings-related pension, ..., Orphan's pension (earningsr.), survivors' pension (7)
    4. Gender: Both genders, Males, Females, (3)
    5. Information: Number of pension recipients, number, Average pension, euros/month, (2)