The monthly earnings-related pension expenditure by pension act, 1,000 euros
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1,000 euros, %
Finnish Centre for Pensions, Statistics service, tilastot(at)
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A description of the statistics, the concepts, the definitions and the quality descriptions are available on the website. Go to Earnings-related Pension Recipients in Finland.
Different pension benefits in the statistics cannot be summed, because a pension recipient may receive several pension benefits at the same time.
In the table, pension act is accrued pension act. As of 1.1.2017, the State Employees' Pensions Act, the Local Government Pensions Act, and the Evangelical-Lutheran Church Pensions Act merged into the Public Sector Pensions Act (JuEL). The Act applies also to the employees of the Social Insurance institution of Finland (Kela).
As of 1 January 2021, the employees of the Bank of Finland are covered by the Public Sector Pensions Act and their pensions are managed by Keva.
As of the beginning of 2021, survivors' pensions that amount to 0 euro are no longer included in the statistics.
The following abbreviations from the earnings-related pension schemes are used in the table.
Private-sector pension acts:
TyEL - Employees Pensions Act
MEL - Seafarer's Pensions Act
YEL - Self-Employed Persons' Act
MYEL - The Farmers' Pensions Act and other special pensions for farmers under LUTUL, LUEL, SPVEL, LUKL
Public-sector pension acts:
JuEL - Public Sector Pensions Act
VaEL - State Employees' Pensions Act
KuEL - Local Government Pensions Act
KiEL - Evangelical-Lutheran Church Pensions Act
KELA - The personnel of Social Insurance Institution
Åland - The regional government of Åland
SP - Pension regulation for the Bank of Finland
Other abbreviations:
VEKL-Childcare or period of study. VEKL is Act on compensation for Pension Accrual from State Funds for Periods of Childcare (of child under the age of 3) and Periods of Study.
Other benefit for unpaid period than VEKL means earnings-related pension that accures for social benefit other than VEKL.
Symbols used in the table:
- = Magnitude nil or category not applicable
.. = Data not available or not published due to small number of cases