Earnings-related Pension Recipients in Finland

Monthly statistics: earnings-related pension recipients

The monthly statistics of the Finnish Centre for Pensions includes the most recent data on Finnish earnings-related pension recipients. The statistics include data on a monthly level of pension recipients and average pensions in the earnings-related pension system. The data has been categorized by pension benefit.

Earnings-related pension recipients

Persons receiving a pension based on their own work history are those receiving old-age, disability, unemployment, special farmer’s, part-time or partial old-age pension during the statistical period. All recipients of earnings-related pension includes the aforementioned as well as recipients of survivors’ pensions. Recipients who receive a survivors’ pension of 0 euros are excluded from the statistics.

Average pension

The average earnings-related pension of an earnings-related pension recipient includes the euro amounts of pensions received in one’s own right paid at the end of the month. All pension benefits include survivors’ pensions.

Graph data in the statistical database of the Finnish Centre for Pensions
Website of the statistics: Earnings-related Pension Recipients in Finland (etk.fi)
Source: Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Earnings-related Pension Recipients in Finland, ISSN= 2670-3904. Helsinki, Finnish Centre for Pensions